Marc Kielburger

“Youth have energy, enthusiasm, and many good ideas to share. Most importantly, however, it is young people who will be inheriting the problems which have been left to them by the generations past.”

Marc Kielburger


Marc Kielburger is a co-founder of the WE Movement, which emphasizes the importance of community and service as a path to happiness. Through WE Charity, WE Day, and the ME to WE social enterprise, Marc inspires and provides tools for action.

Marc Kielburger is an innovative social entrepreneur who, with his brother Craig, co-founded WE Movement, which brings people together to improve the world through education, charitable outreach, and social enterprise.

The WE Movement in the USA, Canada, and the UK inspires future leaders through the WE Schools and WE Day programs. Over 16,000 schools participate in its active citizenship programs, which have an impact on more than 3.8 million young influencers.

Marc established the ME to WE social enterprise to meet the need of today’s consumers who want to support businesses that share their desire to create a more meaningful world. ME to WE sells socially conscious products and offers travel experiences as well as leadership training.

Through WE Movement, Marc has helped shape programs for Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Through WE Villages, communities have access to the inspiration, tools, and know-how to enable them to lift themselves out of devastating poverty.

Marc graduated from Harvard with a degree in international relations. He went on as a Rhodes Scholarship recipient to earn a law degree from Oxford University. In addition, Marc has received 10 honorary degrees for his outstanding work in education and humanitarian projects.

Marc is a frequent television guest and can be recognized from his appearances on Oprah, 60 Minutes, CNN, and BBC where he has shared his ideas and philosophy for positively impacting the world and empowering all people to become involved in service.

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Changing the world for the next generation

Marc is truly passionate about changing the world and creating opportunities for the next generation. He shares his dedication to this in his many best-selling books. He draws from the wisdom of his mentors such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Oprah Winfrey along with his own experience from global humanitarian work.Marc has been the recipient of many honors for his work, both globally and at home.

Marc was named a member of the Order of Canada and was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame for his work empowering young people. He has been selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. Both Marc and his brother Craig were named Canada’s Most Admired CEOs in the public sector in 2015.